Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This Month Blog Titles Will Be: Song Lyrics. [I posted more photos.]

Dearest Online Friends,
Thank you, again for taking the time to read my blog!
I really appreciate it.
And remember: SPAMWOW My email with questions/topic ideas/or just to say hey!

Over the Christmas Break, I had to opportunity to hang out with my friend D who is a fantastical photographer.. And what else did we do but fun make-up and take photos!
Two of my favourite activities.
D is not only a photographer, she is also an artist.. She likes to paint.
She showed me all of her art while I was at her house and WOOOOW is she great.
I told her: "Do whatever you want! My face is your canvas!" to which she replied: "Wow, I've never had so much power before!"
It was a phenomenal day of make-up, chatting, laughing, photos, art, and Paramore.

Because I love having my photo taken, I decided to show you guys a few!
I hope you like them!

 D edited this one... I think it's my favourite. We were going for Hollywood glam

 This one is unedited. D's dad has a recording studio in the basement of their house and it has really cool potlights. I'm standing under one of the potlights in this photo.

Unedited. Red dress, red couch.

My sister got me those rockin' awesome tights for Christmas.

I'm going to work extra hard to post often!
Love you guys.
Thanks for an amazing few months so far!


Love Always,
Emma Cate


  1. pretty, pretty. and i song lyric post titles are the bomb :)

  2. *i think...grr...i hate typos :P

  3. Great post, awesome photos. I'll have to think up some more random questions, hmmmmm.

  4. Love them. You look gorgeous, Emma. =)

  5. Anna - Thanks girl!
    Kindros - Thanks. :) I really love your questions!
    Rae - Love you. (L)