Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Photo.

Well Hello there Readers!
I just want to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to look at my page.
It means alot to know that someone cares about what I have to say!

Now, Today...
I was running blank for topic ideas, so I asked my friend R. Brodie for some suggestions.
So, he went on FB and chose a photo for me to discuss.
And this, ladies and gentlemen is that photo.
Btdubs, you should all make your way over to the link posted above! He's really profound and all that jazz. [See my first ever blogpost]

Photo Courtesy of: The Fantastically Awesome and Artistic Photography Stylings of Miss A. Mahon. Her phenomenal blog can be found HERE.

Now, R wanted me to talk about a few different aspects of this photo.

1) Background
2) Place
3) People
4) Purpose
5) Passion

Let's start with the first one, Background.
Well, this photo was taken in August at Fair Havens. Fair Havens is my most favourite place in the whole entire world. One of my other favourite things is having my photo taken. [I'm not vain, I promise.]

Number Two: Place
This photo was taken, like I said at FH. More specifically at the maintenance yard. This particular space provided the perfect artistic juxtaposition for our photoshoot, being that there was well, junk EVERYWHERE... Old trailers, garbage, along with tractors [as seen in the photo] and other miscellaneous vehicular equipment. A very interesting and unique space, to be sure.

Number Three: People.
Left to Right: T. McNutt, K. Cameron, W. Speziali [Photography Teacher Extraordinaire], A. Falletta, and Yours Truly.
All the people in this photo are very special to me. They have all contributed to my character and encourage me and love me in every way that I need. They edify my faith, and I don't think my life would be the same. The only one missing from this Dream-Photography-Team is A. Mahon, who took this photo. I also love her dearly.

Number Four: Purpose.
Well, the purpose of this shoot was for W. Spez to teach some budding photographers a little bit about how to use their cameras, different shots, different angles... etc. And AF and I volunteered to model for them. Like I said, I love having my photo taken, and that really handsome blonde sitting next to me makes me look mighty fine in photos.

Number Five: Passion.
What is my passion? Well, like I said... That handsome blonde makes me look good. He takes care of me and makes me smile. He loves Jesus and me, too. And not to mention... He's got killer style and all the girls want him. How did I get so lucky? Mind you, that whole part of it was still between the two of us when this set of photos were taken. I love looking at them and thinking that he and I were the only ones that knew.

Well, boys and girls...
That concludes my post for today.
Please comment!
I love to hear what all of you have to say.

Love Always,
Emma Cate

Friday, November 26, 2010

An Essay.

This is an essay that I spent the last 8-ish hours writing.
Who knew that it would be so difficult to write a paper about your own denomination of Christianity.

The Rise and Evolution of Pentecostalism in the Americas
Pentecostalism is a religious tradition that has become extremely popular in the Americas, and around the world, in the 20th century. Many believe that the Pentecostal movement began in April of 1906, at a little church on Azusa Street in Los Angeles, where “Christians began to pray, sing, and speak in languages they did not recognize.” (Prothero, 88) This spiritual revival at Azusa Street was compared to the events of the book of Acts in the Bible, where similar outpourings of the Holy Spirit occurred during the days of the early Church, after the death, resurrection and ascension of Christ.
The second chapter of Acts, verses one to four, which describes the day of Pentecost, the most well known pouring out of the Holy Spirit; “1 On the day of Pentecost all the believers were meeting together in one place. 2 Suddenly, there was a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm, and it filled the house where they were sitting. 3 Then, what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of them. 4 And everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in other languages, as the Holy Spirit gave them this ability.” (NLT)
The exponential growth of Pentecostalism in the Americas is due to three main factors; the promise of healing and prosperity, a charismatic and inclusive worship atmosphere, and being able to offer spiritual experiences that some other denominations do not provide, or emphasize.
One contributing factor to the growth of Pentecostalism in the Americas is the promise of prosperity and healing. In his book, God is Not One, Stephen Prothero states, “…in most countries [Pentecostalism] continues to be associated with the ‘prosperity gospel’ (which says that Jesus calls us to be rich).” (90) He continues on to say that this “prosperity gospel” particularly appeals to Christians living in Third World countries. This promise of economic prosperity appeals to Christians living within these countries due to their lack of monetary wealth. In the modern world, wealth is a measurement of success and importance and because of this, it is something that all humans seek. In An Introduction to Pentecostalism, author Allan Anderson states that “Pentecostalism has become ‘a global vehicle for the restoration of primal hope’, particularly for those estimated 87 percent of Pentecostals ‘who live below the poverty line’” (220) This reiterates Prothero’s analysis of the exponential growth of Pentecostalism.
An excellent example of the growth of Pentecostalism in periphery countries would be the spread of the Pentecostal tradition in South America. Dr. Andrew Atkinson stated in a lecture that there are approximately “141 million Pentecostals, Charismatics, and Neo-Pentecostals in Latin America, as of 2000”. In the same lecture, Dr. Atkinson explained, “A survey of churches in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, found that 61 % of all Churches there were Pentecostal and 710 new churches were founded between 1990-92, 91 % of which were Pentecostal, compared with one new Catholic parish that emerged during that period.” This statistic shows the exponential growth of Pentecostalism in the periphery country of Brazil.
Another appealing aspect of Pentecostalism is the promise of healing. Faith healings through prayer are a very intrinsic part of Pentecostalism. Prothero explains on page 87 that faith healing is one of the “gifts of the Spirit” that one receives with baptism of the Holy Spirit, which Prothero states is “Pentecostalism’s distinctive feature.” (87) Televangelists such as Jim and Tammy Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, and Pat Robertson (Prothero, 89), have capitalized on this aspect of Pentecostalism, and use it as a part of their ministry. People have appeared to be miraculously healed on national television, which draws a lot of attention.
The second factor that has played a huge part in the spread of Pentecostalism is that the Pentecostal church provides charismatic, and inclusive worship environments. As seen in the video “I’m a Pentecostal” that Dr. Atkinson showed in class, Pentecostalism is most well known for its charismatic music. Although this video was not an entirely accurate presentation of most Pentecostal churches, the effect was the same. The song was infectious, and stuck in students’ minds. Charismatic music is meant to evoke an emotional response, and this type of music in a church allows the congregation to participate in the worship. The emotional response to the music also allows the congregation to engage more deeply in their worship, given that they have developed an emotional relationship with the song being played.
Charismatic preachers are also a large contributing factor to the popularity of Pentecostalism. Stephen Prothero comments on the Pentecostal church, “… its preachers know how to put on a good show.” (87) In this era of television, movies, and the Internet, people are always looking to be entertained. Charismatic preachers appeal to this need by adding a more theatrical element to their sermons. Prothero quotes Abraham Lincoln on his comment about how he likes to see a preacher “act as if he were fighting bees.” (88) Prothero then continues to comment, “Pentecostalism is replete with bee-fighting preachers.” (88) This image encompasses the charismatic preacher perfectly. This type of preaching, which includes audience response, allows the congregation to feel as though they are connected to the message being delivered, and the preacher themselves. Also, because sermons in Pentecostal churches are delivered in creative ways that appeal to our need to be entertained, the important parts of the message that the preacher emphasizes are more likely to resound in the minds of the congregation because it is something that they identify with.
Inclusiveness and pluralism is another distinctive aspect of Pentecostalism. Prothero states on page 87, “as of 1900 just under 80 percent of the world’s Christians were Caucasian”. When Pentecostalism first began at Azusa Street, it was very unconventional in the sense that the services that were held were interracial, as Prothero discusses on page 88. Pentecostalism has continued to be a multi-cultural denomination of Christianity, all through its evolution, up to the present day. Further evidence of Pentecostal multi-culturalism is shown in Prothero’s statement, “Other pockets of Pentecostal strength include Nigeria, the Phillipines, China, Chile, Ghana, South Africa, and South Korea.” (89), in comparison to 1900 when approximately 80 percent of Christians lived in Europe or North America (Prothero, 87)
Another indicative characteristic of Pentecostalism is the fact that Pentecostal churches allow, and even encourage female leadership and ordination. Prothero comments, “Pentecostals have a long history of embracing female clergy, something Catholic and Orthodox churches continue to refuse to do. Most of the kudos for ordaining women have accrued to liberal Protestant denominations such as the Episcopalians… But Pentecostals have had female preachers from the start.” (90) Seeing women in places of leadership in the church provides congregations with the idea that everyone is accepted and has equal opportunities for leadership. This adds to the idea of pluralism, and generates interest in the Pentecostal church.
The third and final largest contributing factor to the success and growth of the Pentecostal church is the fact that Pentecostalism encourages spiritual experiences, that other denominations within Christianity do not provide, or emphasize. An intrinsic aspect of Pentecostalism is Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Stephen Prothero states on page 88, “Pentecostalism accents experience, insisting that the miracles swirling around the early church in the book of Acts are still available to people of faith.”
The Bible describes Baptism of the Holy Spirit this way, “…you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” (Acts 1:8, NLT) This power that Jesus is speaking of is spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts include, speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues, faith healing, discernment, prophesy, and many others. (Mary Fairchild, about.com) These spiritual gifts give the recipient a direct link to God. Prothero agrees, “Pentecostals allow for direct communications from God…” (88)
 This gives members of the congregation the sense of a personal Saviour, in Jesus Christ, the idea that they can have a one-on-one relationship with God, through the presence of the Holy Spirit, which is absent in other denominations of Christianity. Pentecostalism allows for congregations to present their requests, praise, and thanks, along with asking for forgiveness of sins through prayer, by themselves, whereas in Catholicism, a congregation member has to go through the process of confession with a priest in order to be absolved of sins. The personal nature of Pentecostalism is particularly attractive.
Emphasis on feeling is very important of Pentecostalism. Prothero discusses the views of one of his students, a Pentecostal; he says, “his faith did not hang on belief. It hung instead on the sort of intense, personal experience that cannot be denied.” (91) This proves that an essential part of Pentecostalism is a direct link between the believer and God. Humans are inherently selfish. The idea that an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God would take the time to be with someone on a personal level, is extremely appealing.
The Pentecostal tradition has been growing exponentially around the world since its origins in the early 1900’s due to three contributing factors; the promise of prosperity and healing through faith, the charismatic and pluralistic worship environments that the Pentecostal church provides, and emphasis on personal spiritual experience with God, that is somewhat neglected by other denominations within Christianity. Pentecostalism continues to be an extremely popular religious tradition to this day.

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Atkinson, Andrew. "Latin American Pentecostalism." Religions of the Americas - RE 100. Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario. 10 Nov. 2010. Lecture.

I hope you are all sufficiently informed about Pentecostalism, now.


Love Always, 
Emma Cate

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A story.

Well, This week I seem to be on a roll, so I'm going to do my best to keep it going!

This month is NAtional NOvel WRiting MOnth, or NaNoWriMo.
More about that HERE.
Maaaan, I wish Blogger had a doobly-doo.

And obviously I realize that it is the 23rd of November, therefore making it near impossible for me to write a whole novel. [Also, it is one of my best friend's birthday today... Love you, SJB.]
However, I do love to write.

In grade 12 I took a Writers' Craft class, and I LOVED it.
We were assigned to write a memoir about an important time in our lives.
So, I decided to write about the summer I spent at Camp in 2009.
The minimum for the assignment was 20 pgs dobule spaced...
How long was mine?
60 pgs.
I have continued to work on it here and there because I believe in it and think it deserves to be finished.
Unfortunately, I have lost inspiration for that work and don't know how to get it back.

But this summer, I started writing again a little bit.
Now, I am a theatre kid, so when things happen to me, there's a song in my head.
Basically, in a nutshell, My life is a musical.
And this Life-Musical urges me to do cheesy and even ridiculous things sometimes.
And the piece of writing I am going to share with you now is a recollection of one of those things.

  1. His fingers twisted through my hair and traced the line of my jaw. I struggled to remember to exhale after every gasping breath. Somehow, I managed to separate my mouth from his.

  1. “Goodnight,” I said as I looked into his face. It was difficult to be that close to him. I just wanted to hold him, and run as far away as I could, all at the same time.

  1. “Goodnight,” he whispered as his lips met mine again. My head was reeling. I didn’t care where I was, or that I was already late for curfew. I could feel everything; his heartbeat, his breathing, the electricity that the touch of his fingers sent up my spine… Just him.

  1. “Now, really goodnight.” I didn’t mean it. I wanted to stand there, on the road for the rest of the night. It was too much. I stood on my toes to reach his mouth. The gravel under my feet poked through the plastic of my shoes. I wished he would hold me closer, and as if he had heard my thoughts, he curled his arms around my waist and pulled me into him.  I held his face in my hands as he kissed me. He wasn’t close enough. I leaned in even closer, making my body curve around his.

  1. Thinking was hard. But I knew I needed to go to bed. I kissed him softly one last time. I didn’t know how I was going to be without him. He brushed my hair out of my face, and kissed my forehead. I sighed. With that, he turned and started up the gravel road toward the 600 row.  I watched his figure start to disappear. I began down the gravel road in the opposite direction towards my trailer.

  1. It seemed as though I could feel him getting further and further away from me. I felt heavier with every step I took towards my campsite. My feet reached the edge of the site, and I looked over my shoulder. I needed him. I hated that I was so dependent. Without a second thought, I took off down the road after him. I think he heard my feet against the gravel because he stopped walking and turned.

  1. When I finally reached him, I was out of breath. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held his face hard against mine. He couldn't get close enough to me.
  1. "Now I really have to go back," I said with a smirk.
  1. Then he kissed my forehead softly and walked away from me again.
  1. As I made my way down the road back towards my trailer, The only thing I could hear other than my feet against the gravel was Taylor Swift's voice in my head, singing about fairytale love.  I sighed happily as I realized the song applied to me.

  1. Yes, I am well aware that the ending sucks.. As I was posting, I realized that this was also unfinished so I had to whip something up as I went.
  1. Sorry about that, guys.
  1. Feel free to comment! I love hearing what you guys have to say.
  1. Also, the underline button is broken and I can't un-underline anything. Lol.
  1. Until next time, DFTBA.
  1. Love Always.
  1. Emma Cate

Monday, November 22, 2010

Avada Kedevra

Again, Faithful Readers, I do apologize for being lame and not posting often.
School has been consuming my being... and I have not enjoyed one single second of it.
It has been a long few weeks.

There was a light at the end of my dark tunnel...
And that light's name is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.
Yes, yes. I know that I am a giant nerd, but I'm okay with it.


I saw part one of the epic finale of J.K. Rowling's fantastic masterpiece on Friday night in [GET THIS!]... 

And it was beautiful.

I could not have asked for more. 

I was a little apprehensive about whether the wizards of Hollywood would mess up Year 7 the way they did Years 5 & 6, but despite the fact that those two movies were a sad excuse for a film version of Jo's baby... I loved them all the same. And this movie was no different. I was determined to love it regardless of how much they messed it up.

But I was pleasantly surprised.

It was so much more phenomenal than is humanly possible.

Thank you for the team of cast and crew who worked long and hard to bring this most excellent piece of magical literature to the screen.

I'm itching for July now.

Speaking of Harry Potter and being a nerd..

I have stumbled upon two awesome things.

The first being The Harry Potter Alliance. The HPA is a non-profit organization that uses ideas from HP to make the world a better place. Pretty nifty, eh?
Check out what they have to say about their Deathly Hallows Campaign HERE.

The second being Nerdfighteria. If you're wondering what the heck that is, click here! for more info.
I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.

Once you have checked out both of those AWESOME things, hopefully you'll join me in the fight against worldsuck.

God moves in mysterious ways.

One more thing...


Love Always,

Emma Cate

P.S. I will leave you with a quote from John Green.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well, Hello there faithful readers.
Sorry that I haven't been that great at posting often...
Life just tends to get busy and run away with me.


Yesterday, I decided to do some art. I am not the best artist in the world; I'm more of an Arts and Crafts sorta girl. I'm great at making cool things, but I SUCK at drawing. However, since being at university, I have become a shameless One Tree Hill addict. One of the female protagonists in the show, Peyton Sawyer, does art. She uses her art as an outlet for her inner teenage-angst and other emotions, and the writers also use her art in the plot of the show. Her style is very dark... And yet, beautiful at the same time. I love it. In season one, Peyton's art is submitted to a local magazine by her friend Lucas and she is offered a job to draw and write a somewhat comic strip. From there, her artwork just evolved.

So, my point?

Because I love Peyton's art so much, I decided to try my own hand at it.

Most of the messages of Peyton's art are very sad and very seldom have themes of hope and happiness. So, I decided to take one of her pieces, and put my own, more encouraging spin on it.

This is her original sketch.
  I got it from Google Images: http://bluepinch.exteen.com/images/sketch_sadpeyton.jpg

And this is my interpretation.
I tried my best to make it look like me. :P
I used Picnik to put my two sketches together, and used the HDR-ish effect.

I love OTH and I have learned alot of things about life and myself through watching and it has actually added to my faith [believe it or not]. I have something they don't... God. I always wonder if things would be different in their story if they had God in their lives... Always gives me something extra to think about.
 [Stop Laughing... Please.]

I would love to hear what you have to say, so feel free to comment.

Love Always,
Emma Cate