Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I don't need a soul, I don't need a soul to hold. Without you I'm still whole.

Hello Dear Friends!
Once again, school has consumed my whole existence... It's really not fun. BUT: I did get an 85% on my Symposium essay, so All is well!

And so, I seem to have failed at this whole, writing about love for the whole month thing.. So, I think I'm going to have it run into March.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day...
And it wasn't awful!
Who knew, right?

I watched The Sound of Music with my friends over at the all guys residence...
And we all sang at the top of our voices.
I went to Swiss Chalet with a friend who was in town, and the waitress gave me a bouquet of flowers.
I came home and studied with friends, and then I went to sleep.
It was overall a very fantastic day.

This weekend I realized that I have found my "people", here at university.
The people who I will be friends with for the rest of my life, along with the amazing ones I already have.

I am happy.
H A P P Y.

Happy isn't even the right word... My feeling isn't conditional or situational..
I. Feel. Joy.
I am where I am meant to be.
This is the beginning of the rest of my life.
It's terrifying, but I can't wait.

Thank you, God.


Love Always,
Emma Cate

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I was a heavy heart to carry; My beloved was weighed down.

Hello Dearest of friends.
Today's title comes from Heavy in Your Arms by Florence and the Machine [a new found musical joy]
Today I want to talk about Love in literature.

I know, I know.. I can hear you.. "Noooo! No more intellectual crap!"
but really, think about it: Nowadays, we live vicariously through fictional characters. Whether it be in books, movies, or TV, fictional characters seem to be the go-to thing for us as teenagers, and even people in general.
Now, a huge theme in ANY story is Love.
Let's be honest: it is an intrinsic part of humanity, and it's something that every person craves... This is why any story that has ever appealed to the masses has some form of romantic element to it... Or even just familial/friendship love.
Over the next few days, I'll discuss all of these themes in all of my favourite stories, Starting today with Romantic Love, in my favourite movies. :)
I'll just share with you a few of my favourite fictional relationships from some of the most influential stories of our time.

Arwen and Aragorn - The Lord of the Rings
Their relationship is an incredible story of hope. Even when Arwen's father told her that there was nothing but death for her if she remained in Middle Earth, and that it was futile because Aragorn was never coming back, she continued to believe that there was a chance for them. And when Aragorn grew weary of the troubles he faced, he relied upon his love for Arwen, and her promise to him to see him through. It's beautiful. I get goosebumps every time I watch The Return of the King, and Aragorn finally sees Arwen.
Han Solo and Princess Leia - Star Wars
This is one of my favourites because well, their love story is just amazing. Both characters are strong on their own, which is very rare nowadays with the whole idea of being "completed" within another person. Their strong personalities clash at first, but the fact that they have this sort of chemistry is what leads to their falling in love. Not to mention the humour in their tension. Just love it. Finishes off the fantasticality that is Star Wars.

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger - Harry Potter
Where do I even begin? The love story of R+H is absolutely incredible. It is so well developed... And the big point scorer: IT TAKES A LONG TIME. Love doesn't happen instantly [well, it can.. it just isn't always immediately realized]. They spend five-six years developing a beautiful friendship that eventually ends up blossoming into romance in the final book of the series. Although there is ALWAYS romantic tension between Ron and Hermione, neither of them are ever really particularly brave enough to actually admit it. The fact that their first kiss happens in the midst of a battle is just beautiful. They realize it's "now or never" and finally come clean about their feelings... Goosebumps!

Stay tuned for further musings on Love.


Love Always,
Emma Cate

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm gunna stay with song lyrics until I get a better idea...

Heeeeey guys!
Just wanna start off with a big thank you: THANK YOU.
You guys are awesome.

So, this month I have decided because it's February, I'll be posting all about... LOVE.

Fun Fact About Me: I HATE Valentine's Day.

I know... Doesn't make much sense, right?
Me being a hopeless romantic and all that jazz...
To be honest, I love the idea of the day, and the story of how it all started [which I'll probably be posting about on the actual day.] I just hate the actual day..
Maybe it's because I've never really had a "good" or "memorable" Valentine's Day.
It's a long story, that I'll probably tell at some point this month.

Don't get me wrong.
I love Love.
I really do.
I just...
I actually just don't even know.

I'm strange.

I promise I'll be better at posting this month,
Thanks so much.


Love Always,
Emma Cate