Monday, May 16, 2011

These things will change; can you feel it now?

Hello there lovely/wonderful/patient friends!
I'm here once again to apologize for my lack of posts.. I sit here at my computer, looking at my dashboard thinking, "April 19th was the last time I posted?! Frig, I suck." It astounds me how something that I love doing so much, has somehow fallen to the wayside. Then I begin to think of reasons [more like excuses] as to why I have been slacking so much. I come up with things like, Oh school is really busy [which it was for most of April!], or I spend too much time on the computer [this is very pathetic, but so unbelievably true.], or I'm uninspired [it happens a lot.] and other miscellaneous justifications that really, in the end, don't matter. I love writing. It's something that I'm passionate about. It's something that I need to do, for me. It also helps to know that you're reading. It makes me feel like someone is listening/actually cares about what I have to say. 
So thank you for supporting me, whoever you may be... Whether it's just through following, commenting, reading, or prayer, I sincerely appreciate you and everything you do!

While thinking about what I wanted to write about, I was thinking about all of the changes going on in my life. I have been finished my first year of university for about three weeks now.. What is THAT about?! As cliché as it sounds, it actually feels like just yesterday when I was pulling into the parking lot in front of Bouckaert Hall with a car packed full with my life, ready to experience what God had in store for me at Wilfrid Laurier. And He did not disappoint!

The girls of B3 surely made a new home for me, and we all fell right into place with each other after only a few days. I remember the day I found out where I would be living when I was at school... All-girls residence. Being the type of girl that I am, I find that I go bat-crazy without an even balance between girl friends and guy friends, so naturally, I was rather... disappointed with my housing assignment. But boy, could I not have been more wrong. 

Over the eight months that I spent with these beautiful young women, I learned to love them for everything that they are. They are all amazing girls, and have supported me in ways that I could never have expected them to. They supported me when I needed them. They were there when I needed to cry. They were there when I needed to laugh. They were there when I was happy/sad/angry/excited/frustrated/confused/tired/homesick. I will never be able to thank them enough for making my life so much better, and for being the best family away from home that I ever could have asked for. Each and every one of them is special to me and has blessed my life in one way or another, whether it be making me laugh when I felt like crawling into a hole and not coming out, heart-to-hearts in the hallway until the wee hours of the morning, Disney movies, junk food [Bianca's fo lyfe.], and generally just being awesome. I will never forget the amazing and wonderful times we had together. 
I love you guys.

While there were a few bumps in the road, we managed to muddle through it all, together. And not to mention our fearless leader, A.D. who took us all under her wing from the get-go, no questions asked. I have honestly been so blessed to call this woman not only my don, but my friend. Her enthusiasm and quirkiness have captured my heart. A, I truly cannot thank you enough.
As I have just realized the time, and how much I've written, I'll continue on with my thoughts on change over the next few days... I PROMISE.
Love Always,
Emma Cate