Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I've got fatal flaws to call my own, Please don't go, Please don't leave me alone... A mirror is much harder to hold.

Hello Dear Friends!
I hope you are all well.
Again, thank you for reading!
I have realized that you guys might not know the songs that I am using as lyrical blog-titles.
So, from now on, I will tell you what it is..

Here's a short recap:
Gimme something fun to do, like a life of loving you. - Something in the Water by Brooke Fraser
Heave Ho, Thieves and Beggars, Never shall we die. - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
I'll come back when you call me, no need to say goodbye. - The Call by Regina Spektor 
I've got fatal flaws to call my own, Please don't go, Please don't leave me alone... A mirror is much harder to hold. - A Mirror is Harder to Hold by Jon Foreman

 And so, because today is 1/11/2011, I decided that today's post would contain 11 interesting [at least I think so] facts about yours truly.

Fact One: I am, in fact, a giant sci-fi NERD. I love: Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate... And the list goes on.

Fact Two: I, in fact, love to pick out symbolism of any kind from movies, books and music. It gives me something extra to think about while consuming the artist's "vision".

Fact Three: I say I love things far too often... Every movie is my favourite, and I absolutely love every song.. A can attest to this. One of my many idiosyncrasies. 

Fact Four: I have a spiritual experience every time I read/watch The Chronicles of Narnia. I cry EVERY TIME. Idk.. It just.. moves me.

Fact Five: I HATE chick flicks... Most of the time.. Letters To Juliet was good, though. I would rather watch something that has guns and stuff...

Fact Six: I tie smells to people and places.. So, if you change your perfume or cologne, I usually notice. Even shampoo or hairspray... Sometimes laundry detergent... But only with ppl I smell regularly. :) My maja changed her perfume after using the same one for 20+ years... Totally freaked me out. True story. [Yeah, I know I'm weird.. Shutty.]

Fact Seven: I sing ALL THE TIME. It's a habit.. What do you want from me!? I'm a theatre kid.. I sang before I could talk.

Fact Eight: I feel everything on volume 12. At times I hate it, and wish I didn't feel anything, and other times I get very frustrated and don't understand why everyone else doesn't feel as strongly as I do. 

Fact Nine: I own a Golden Snitch. True story.

Fact Ten: There is a song for every situation I have ever gone through in my whole life.. I also have a habit of tying songs to people. Chances are, if I've known you for a while, there's a song that makes me think of you.

Fact Eleven: I make a wish at 11:11 whenever possible.

Please email me with questions/suggestions/or just to say hey!


Love Always,

Emma Cate

Yup.. That's my snitch. In my Bible.

Matthew 7:7


  1. I might have to make a lot more references to sci-fi films and books now. :) So glad I know (kind of) a woman who likes Stargate. That's one of my all time favorite collections of series.

  2. You have a snitch!! What? That's awesome! =)

  3. Kindros - I LOVE STARGATE. It's awesome.
    Rae - SUUURE DO! :) Got it at this magical place called Chapters.


    Fact Eight...I love that about you. You're so real.