Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We could have had it all.

Well, here I am... Failing at my fail-safe blogging every day plan.
I'm sorry guys.

So to catch up, I'll post for the four days I've missed right now!

Day 2: A favorite movie.
There is absolutely NO WAY that I could just choose one. So, I will tell you about the best move that I have watched recently.
How To Train Your Dragon was sooo amazing! I honestly love cartoon movies. This movie was funny, touching, cute, awesome action, romance... and a fantastic cast. I would highly recommend this film if you're looking for something lighthearted to watch!

Day 3: A favorite book.
Another category that I could never narrow it down to just one. So here's one that I'm really looking forward to rereading. 
This is Martin the Warrior by Brian Jacques. I loved the Redwall books when I was young, and this one was my favourite. I don't remember how it ends or anything, so it will be wonderful to reconnect with the characters after all this time. Sadly, Brian Jacques passed away a few weeks ago from a heart attack... I was pretty beat up over it. But yes. These books are wonderful if you really like stories like  The Chronicles of Narnia. Talking animals and all. Absolutely charming.

Day 4: A favorite television program.
Recently, I have become addicted to these two boys:
Supernatural is amazing. The story is incredible. The characters are incredible. Not to mention that I really love monsters, and love cute boys who kill them even more. :) I love this show because it always keeps me in suspense. Never a dull moment with the Winchesters.

Day 5: A favorite quote.
Again, I have many favourites in this category. However, there is one that sticks out:

"A man can no more diminish
God's glory by refusing to worship
Him than a lunatic can put out
the sun by scribbling the word,
'Darkness' on the walls of his cell."
- C.S. Lewis

I have made it one of my bucket list items to own every book that C.S. Lewis has ever written.. and maybe eventually a first edition. We'll see. Also: if you tweet, you should follow C.S. Lewis on Twitter!
Well, I shall hopefully remain more faithful this week.


Love Always,
Emma Cate


  1. Great picks. I look forward to the rest of the month. :)

  2. Brian Jacques and Toothless for the win!