Friday, March 4, 2011

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes.

Hello Dearest of friends!
I have come up with a solution to my dedication problem: a 30 day challenge!
This is wonderful because A) It means I don't have to come up with post ideas myself, so when I'm feeling uninspired, I still have something to write about. [There will prolly be intermittent other posts, as well].  
B) The whole countdown thing will keep me accountable.

You're welcome. :)

So day one of this challenge is:
A favorite song.

And so, because I cannot choose just one favourite song, I decided to show you my top 25 most top played songs in my iTunes.

More to come soon!


Love Always,
Emma Cate

1 comment:

  1. Great idea. It's hard posting once a day. I know you can do it though. :)

    Great list. I'll have to check out these songs.