Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You're so far away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore.

Thank you Jesus for saving my life.
Thank you Mum for making sacrifices.
Thank you Dad for widening my horizons.
Thank you Peter for making me brave.
Thank you Elisabeth for visiting Dad with me, eventhough it's hard.
Thank you Rae for never failing to make me smile.
Thank you James for taking care of me.
Thank you Lacie for taking care of  James.
Thank you Carolyn for always being here.
Thank you Cody for teaching me the value of life.
Thank you Robbie for inspiring me to write.
Thank you Laura for being a kindred spirit.
Thank you Tamara for being an excellent role model.
Thank you Alicia for your words of wisdom.
Thank you Melissa for being a voice of reason.
Thank you Rebekah for loving me.
Thank you Abi for teaching me the value of friendship.
Thank you Aliye for teaching me patience.
Thank you Ginessa for keeping me sane.
Thank you Zac for always coming back.
Thank you Renz for trusting me.
Thank you Trent for listening.
Thank you Rohan for constantly reminding me that I'm important.
Thank you Ryan for wandering the City aimlessly with me.
Thank you Whitby for encouraging me to grow up.
Thank you Toronto for teaching me how to be alone.
Thank you Laurier for becoming home.

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